Welcome to the new Nervoused.com site, home of Dread Parrot Games! 

So you may be wondering what is going to be here, well I will tell you! It will be all the resources and information on the Traveller campaigns that I run, as well as a place for other games that I play in such as the Twilight 2000 campaign that Dave runs. And who knows, maybe we will add some others as time goes on. We will also have a list of resources and links to other sites where you can find great information on the games we play. Over time I will be sharing my entire library of links that I have built up over the years to a ton of great resources, especially for Traveller. 

It will also be where you can find out about the gaming products that we will be publishing such as the “MgT2 Traveller Dossier” that was published on DriveThruRPG. I plan on publishing some more stuff as well as updating the dossier. 

However, right now I am just getting started and cleaning out the cobwebs in my head on how to setup a WordPress site and get it running, so please be patient while I get re-acquainted. 

Gamer, blogger, dad.