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    After their adventures on Sarawak (Dade 0707) Kosi and the kids had decided to explore the great unknown regions of space on the rimward side of “The Darkness”, to boldly gone where no bear has gone before. They made an uneventful Zimm jump to CXE-607 to find exactly what they expected, nothing. After refueling they made the transit to CXE-408, and using the extra fuel in the external tanks, went to CXE-410. Once there they headed towards the gas giant to skim for fuel and found something very unexpected, a space station.

    It is in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant, someplace where most sensors will not pick it up until they are very close. It has a central core that is approximately 2km long and 200m wide with a ring around it that spans almost 3km. It has a few spokes going of to the ring as well. As they approached some automated system hailed them in a language they could not understand. The station seemed to take some shots at them as they got closer to the ring, but once they passed inside the ring they stopped. Sensors detected that a good portion of the station did appear to have life support, or at least it was warm and there were EM readings, although about 40% of it was dark and cold. They located what looked like a hangar bay in the bottom half of the core and flew towards it.

    As they approached they saw that there was no door, even though the sensors were telling them the inside of the hangar did have atmosphere. As soon as the nose of the ship breached the threshold they lost control and the ship was guided to a landing pad. Once again sensors confirmed that there was atmosphere in the hangar area, and while breathable it did have trace amounts of unknown elements, so they decided to keep their vacc suits on as they disembarked and explored.

    Upon exploring they found two rooms with these strange markings on the floor. One room even had what appeared to be cargo containers on some of the markings, which outlined the container. It took some time but they figured out that through the use of keypads on the containers and a similar one on the wall they could transmit the containers to different “pads” in the hangar area. And it looked like there were at least a few dozen destinations available based upon a sign they found on one wall. Further exploration of the area found that there was no way to leave the hangar area, except perhaps via the transfer pads.

    Eventually they found some more of the keypads that are on the cargo containers and figured out that if you attach one to yourself, you can be transferred from pad to pad. Now it was time to explore….

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