It all started with a D&D Encounters group that I ran through "Death House" in the summer of 2016. After they were done Tim decided to run the same group through a campaign, and I joined them a few weeks in. When we wrapped up in August 2017 I asked if they wanted to learn to play Traveller. They did. We created characters using the 2nd Edition Mongoose rules and I put them through the "High and Dry" adventure. They ended that adventure with a misjump, so I took the opportunity to move them to the Clement Sector setting by Gypsy Knight Games. I've been wanting to run a Clement Sector game ever since meeting John Watts (the creator of Clement Sector and owner of GKG) at TravellerCon in 2015 and thought this was the perfect opportunity. 

These forums are where we will keep a log of the (mis)adventures of the group as well as all the materials from the campaign. Of course since the Clement Sector doesn't have the 40 years of materials and history that the OTU does, I will be using it as a framework and creating my own adventures. So grab a seat, a drink, and buckle in 'cause it is going to be a wild ride. 



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